Meet The Team

The Genesis Team

Our staff is highly trained and educated on supplements and holistic health, so this is not a store you will come in to and wander around by yourself with your questions going unanswered. We can help you find the exact types of products you need and nothing more. If we do not have what you are looking for we will gladly place special orders and carry the products you desire in our store.

Vincent Pitonzo

Owner & Founder

Vince- Owner of Genesis, his interest in health started when he was young and intensified as time went on. He began to study more in depth about health and wellness, how to heal the body and began taking different supplements and studying their effects on the body. It became a passion to pass this knowledge along and reach out in the community to empower others to help themselves in their own healing journey. Vince creates a welcoming atmosphere in his store where people come in for education, health, and friendship. 

Maria Bella Pitonzo


Maria- Hairstylist for over 25 years, Maria began to take a hard look into the truths of the beauty industry when she had her own health scare. Discovering all of the chemicals hiding in the cosmetic industry and the effects they have on the body, she began to make changes and research companies that did not contain the toxic chemicals. She now is able to offer safe, healthy alternatives in the beauty industry. Maria has a passion for helping people look and feel great by not sacrificing their health for beauty. 

Mztyk Mariesa

Store Manger

Mariesa- Co-owner of Genesis and Co-Host of the Mystical Emergence Podcast, Mariesa dedicated herself to health in her early twenties and has been expanding her perspective on healing ever since. She is committed to educating others on healing the self on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit as one whole. She specializes not just in nutrition but also in the energetics of healing on a spiritual and emotional level.